Friday, July 11, 2014

Hello Again

                                                               By: Sweetheart

  Hi, I'm sorry we have not been posting for a while. But we have been having a great summer so far! Have you?

   For the Fourth of July we had friends over from Jefferson City. We shot off some fireworks, witch were really cool! It was really fun to spend time with our friends and family!

Also this summer we  are doing A to Z summer "art" fun. It has been really fun but messy. The messiest three so far, are E day (Etching glass), G day (Groovy tie die T-shirts), and H day (Homemade side walk chalk). My favorite one so far is F day (Furniture decorating). I also like J day (Jewelry making) because we made barefoot sandals witch was really fun to do.

 This summer we are also going to Washington DC for our big summer trip, then we are going to Massachusetts to see our cousins and my parents are going to Maine for their anniversary trip, after that we are going to Pennsylvania and Hershey Park! It is going to be a fun two week trip.

This summer I have been doing a lot of reading. there are lots of good books I read like Drizzle, In Front Of God And Everybody, and Schools Out some others to but those are my favorite.And that has been my summer so far. Hope your has been great so far too.