Sunday, June 24, 2012

11th Birthday Camp Out

By Sunshine

I turned 11 on the 19 of June. I had 4 friends over to have a camp out.
The friends names were Megan, Emilee, Addie, and Grayson. The cake
was a giant s'more. It was a 51/2 gigantic Hersey Bars 1 vanilla cake and 2 big cookies.
which is still left overs today. (Thank you Darian for the cake, it was gigantically delicious!) We stayed up till 5:00 am and about 3 times we though someone was out side our tent. For present from them I got a camera, nail polish, perfume, bag,a card game, candy, and  purse designer fabric. For breakfast we had leftover cake and donuts.
   To keep us awake we played games and gave massages. By the way the camp fire was on the 18 and we stayed  up on the 19.All the activities we did was hide-n-seek in the dark,treasure hunt, glow stick lanterns, decorated flash light and water balloons. I had so much fun.

Click on picture to make it bigger. 

L and K day

L day was library day.The first library we went to was called the library center.
There we got something out of a box and 2 cookies. Then we all went to
the Brent wood library. We took a 1 day class to learn how to make
balloon animals and stuff. In the picture bellow I am  holding a heart I


                           Now to K day. K day was kichen day.We mde alot of food sweets.(6 things
                              to be exact ) We made: sour pach grapes, cookies, the best ever cookies and
                                bluebarry, chochlote chip, and cinamon muffens.          
sour patch grapes
                                  For the grapes we got as many grapes we wanted got them wet &
                                   rolled them in watermelon jello powder                          

frozen pudding pops

                                         The puding pops only has 3 ingrediants they are: chochlote
                                          milk, whipped topping, and jello puding(chochlote) mixed
                                            it well. Then freeze (but first put in popcycle a stick in each
                                              one first but my mom's unbrilant  idea was to put in straws)\
                                                for about 12 hours or more.

Pudding pops when done


Thursday, June 14, 2012

P and Q day was fun and so yummy

By Sunshine

P and Q day were really fun and yummy. Well I will start with P day. It  was picinc with pop (dad) or as my sister calls it pizza with pop (soda) as a picinic at the park with  pop (dad). We went to Jorden Vally Park ate lunch witch  was pizza. My sister and I walked in the water  because we did not have our swim suits on, just our clothes.

Now to Q day. For Q day it was Quench your thirst day. We got drimks at
Sonic(32oz.).Then we went to the lake. The picture below is my dad my sister and I helping loud the boat.
We went tubing and my dad went sking.P.S. my mom is really weird because she did not get 
at  ALL.We stayed and watched the sunset. Then the boat started acting funny, so we had to leave. Thats is P and Q day.    

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Swim team

By Sunshine

Yesterday we started  swim team, yes. I love swimming. I guess lots of people like it too.Why I think that is there is abuot a liitle over 20 kids.The only bad part is it is 2 times a day 4 days a week.I also don't like that we are going to miss the campionshhip meet, and one more meet.Today was the first day, but a fun day and tiring. All we did today was work on our frount crawl. I can't wait for our next practice and meet.This evening we are going to have to miss it because we are going to the lake.I guess that is more practice.I love swim team.