Sunday, June 24, 2012

L and K day

L day was library day.The first library we went to was called the library center.
There we got something out of a box and 2 cookies. Then we all went to
the Brent wood library. We took a 1 day class to learn how to make
balloon animals and stuff. In the picture bellow I am  holding a heart I


                           Now to K day. K day was kichen day.We mde alot of food sweets.(6 things
                              to be exact ) We made: sour pach grapes, cookies, the best ever cookies and
                                bluebarry, chochlote chip, and cinamon muffens.          
sour patch grapes
                                  For the grapes we got as many grapes we wanted got them wet &
                                   rolled them in watermelon jello powder                          

frozen pudding pops

                                         The puding pops only has 3 ingrediants they are: chochlote
                                          milk, whipped topping, and jello puding(chochlote) mixed
                                            it well. Then freeze (but first put in popcycle a stick in each
                                              one first but my mom's unbrilant  idea was to put in straws)\
                                                for about 12 hours or more.

Pudding pops when done


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  1. What a pretty picture of you with your heart balloon! I think L day would be one of my favorites....but K sounds pretty fantastic, too!