Thursday, June 14, 2012

P and Q day was fun and so yummy

By Sunshine

P and Q day were really fun and yummy. Well I will start with P day. It  was picinc with pop (dad) or as my sister calls it pizza with pop (soda) as a picinic at the park with  pop (dad). We went to Jorden Vally Park ate lunch witch  was pizza. My sister and I walked in the water  because we did not have our swim suits on, just our clothes.

Now to Q day. For Q day it was Quench your thirst day. We got drimks at
Sonic(32oz.).Then we went to the lake. The picture below is my dad my sister and I helping loud the boat.
We went tubing and my dad went sking.P.S. my mom is really weird because she did not get 
at  ALL.We stayed and watched the sunset. Then the boat started acting funny, so we had to leave. Thats is P and Q day.    

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