Sunday, June 24, 2012

11th Birthday Camp Out

By Sunshine

I turned 11 on the 19 of June. I had 4 friends over to have a camp out.
The friends names were Megan, Emilee, Addie, and Grayson. The cake
was a giant s'more. It was a 51/2 gigantic Hersey Bars 1 vanilla cake and 2 big cookies.
which is still left overs today. (Thank you Darian for the cake, it was gigantically delicious!) We stayed up till 5:00 am and about 3 times we though someone was out side our tent. For present from them I got a camera, nail polish, perfume, bag,a card game, candy, and  purse designer fabric. For breakfast we had leftover cake and donuts.
   To keep us awake we played games and gave massages. By the way the camp fire was on the 18 and we stayed  up on the 19.All the activities we did was hide-n-seek in the dark,treasure hunt, glow stick lanterns, decorated flash light and water balloons. I had so much fun.

Click on picture to make it bigger. 


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That cake is amazing! I loved seeing the pics of some of my favorite girls!

  2. This looks like a super fun birthday party! Your friends are lucky to get to celebrate with you. :) These are some special memories you are making.